Our overarching goal is to enhance public safety through the disinfection of inanimate objects that can transmit viral and bacterial diseases between humans, yet are routinely used by numerous people during their everyday activities. These include grocery shopping carts, furniture in medical waiting rooms and public transit vehicles.


It started when founder, Jason Gardiner, questioned the cleanliness of grocery store shopping carts. He thought of all the diseases that could potentially spread from simply touching an infected shopping cart and went on to conduct research. He came in to contact with Brian Rose and Joe Obresely, who contributed to making many pivots before eventually landing with an efficient solution to completely sanitize inanimate objects. Their vision in mind is to reduce the spread of bacteria among people. Along the way, Jason, Brian and Joe formed their well-rounded team to make their vision a reality. Today, the Kart Kleen team is firing on all cylinders and has a viable product to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria.

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Jason Gardiner