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Welcome to Kart Kleen

Did you know that harmful germs and bacteria are microscopic and you
aren't able to see them with the naked eye?

Did you know that these germs and bacteria such as E. Coli, for example,
can be deadly?!

Wouldn't it be a great peace of mind if there was a service available that
would clean 99.9% of those harmful germs and bacteria from things that
you, your customers or patients often come in contact with like; Shopping
Carts, Shopping Baskets, Wheelchairs, Walkers, Chairs and Stools?

Well that service is here with Kart Kleen!  Kart Kleen removes 99.9% of
harmful germs and bacteria that could potentially harm you, your
customers or patients.  And the best part of it all...  We are a mobile
service that comes right to your location and when we leave we take all of
the mess with us by using a state of the art water reclaim system!

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Fight the war on germs and bacteria today with Kart Kleen!
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